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  • Reputable Brands
  • Dedicated Leadership
  • Strong Economics
  • Unique Cultures

About Us


Nikki Wright, Principal – Franchise Consultant and Broker

Nikki is an active member of the Franchise Brokers Association and has extensive experience analyzing franchise concepts. She has worked with hundreds of franchise owners across many franchise sectors/business lines.


We partner with you throughout the entire process, from initial research to preparing to meet the franchisor and buying into a franchise system


We communicate with franchisors monthly to stay informed about their concepts and changes to their business models.


Franchising allows you to own a business that has healthy cash flows, a cohesive network of business partners, and a proven, strong track record of growth. There are thousands of franchise concepts to choose from in the United States, and the process of finding the right one can be daunting. That is why we partner with you every step of the way, from your initial franchise search through the process of securing and launching your business, and beyond. Our thoughtful research and investigation will help you reach your dream of business ownership by matching you with the franchise that meets your lifestyle and investment goals.

Why Franchise Brokers International?

We have extensive franchise and consulting experience and are part of a team that has worked with franchises for over a decade. Our consultants specialize in matching buyers with franchise systems that meet their unique lifestyle and investment objectives. We serve both United States and international clients, with specific focus on assisting with the E2 or EB5 visa programs.

At Franchise Brokers International, our work with clients ensures that these elements are in place

Our Services

Our mission is to facilitate a path to successful business ownership by helping buyers explore franchise opportunities that have these qualities:

• A reputable brand
• Dedicated leadership
• Strong unit-level economics
• A culture that makes the franchise a great place to work

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